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    Need help finding a Borealis Press card or magnet?

    If you know the item number, you can just type it in any of the "Search" fields on the site. For magnets, just type in the full item number, such as "RS452". For cards, you'll need to prefix the card number with the letters "BP". For example, Borealis Press card # 452 would be entered as "BP452".

    If you don't know the card number, but have a card in hand, you can find the number on the back, in the lower left hand corner, to the left of the price.

    If you don't have the magnet or card number, but remember it well - the author, or part of the quote, or something unique in the photo, you can search for any of those. For example, here are the details on Card # BP446, from its product page:

    Quote: "All who wander are not lost."
    Author: J.R.R.Tolkien
    Description: A dog, likely a collie, walking down a curved dirt path in a wild area.

    You could type any of the following into the "Search" box, and find a match (or many other variations):

    "wander" (without the quotes)

    "tolkien" (without the quotes)

    "dog dirt" (without the quotes)

    (Note that multiple words in the search provide a better match - the words don't need to be in any order. A card with either word will match, while a card with both words will match better, so would be listed closer to the top of the search results.)

    "dog path" (without the quotes)

    If all else fails, just give us a call at: 866-834-8474, and we'd be glad to help.

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